On-Line Payments Help

Welcome to the On-Line Payment system. Use this system to make payments with your credit card by selecting the type of payment to make, your account number and the amount of the payment. You can make multiple payments by adding each payment to a Shopping Cart before proceeding to the Credit Card Validation screen.

Refer to the Help function on each screen for assistance in processing your payment.

  1. Pick the type of payment to make from the Menu box on the right hand side.
  2. Highlight the payment type.
  3. Click the payment type with your mouse.
  4. On the next screen, you will be asked to enter or search for your account.
  5. The account number will depend on the type of payment you are making.
  6. Enter or select the appropriate payment (Note: a minimum payment amount may be applicable).
  7. Press the Add to Cart button.
  8. A service charge may be applicable to your payment. If applicable, you will be prompted to accept the charge.
    • If you click "Yes", your payment will be added to the cart.
    • If you click "No", the transaction will be cancelled.
  9. You may then make more payments or proceed to the payment screen .

After these steps are complete, you will receive Web confirmation that your payment has been made.